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Credit Reports

Today’s topic involves a reoccurring issue about items on your credit report. The misconception is that filing a bankruptcy ‘gets rid” of negative credit events, such as missed payments. (The technical term for this is a ‘derogatory’.) But a credit report is a factual history of your credit affairs. Legitimate credit events that have not […]


One issue that comes up periodically – especially during the federal tax season – is the payment of money to friends or relatives.  When people are in financial distress they often borrow money from family or friends.  And when they receive a large tax refund they often pay them back. The problem with this is that […]


How have the Bankruptcy laws changed? The reforms enacted in October of 2005 were designed primarily to prevent abuses. For the vast majority of Chapter 7 filers (liquidation of debt) these changes will not affect their ability to gain a fresh start. What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Chapter 7 is […]